Causes of and Injuries from Albuquerque Jackknife Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

Albuquerque Trucking Accidents Involving Jackknifed Tractor Trailers Have Several Causes and Result in Several Common Injuries

Many people have heard it, but some do not know what a jackknifed tractor trailer is.  It is important because these are dangerous types of accidents and when it occurs is usually a result of driver negligence.  A jackknifed tractor trailer is when the cabin (where the driver and engine is) folds up against the trailer (where the cargo is) so that the cabin and trailer resemble a folding pocket knife.  This commonly results in a 90 degree angle between the cabin and the trailer.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an Albuquerque trucking accident caused by a jackknifed tractor trailer, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses are a result of the accident.  Our experienced Albuquerque trucking accident attorneys at the Mark Caruso have handled many types of jackknifed tractor trailer accidents and know how dangerous they can be.  Call us today for a FREE consultation to learn how we can help you with your case by dialing (505) 883-5000.  We will zealously represent you and your family in your case and ensure you obtain the maximum amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

Causes of Jackknife Albuquerque Trucking Accidents

There are several causes of jackknife tractor trailer accidents, most which are always the result of negligence by the truck driver.  If the truck driver is negligent, the trucking company will usually also be liable under the theory of respondeat superior.  Common causes of jackknife tractor trailer accidents include the following:

  • Slamming on the brakes too hard or abruptly;
  • Locking of the brakes due to improper braking;
  • Skidding on roads due to snow, ice, rain, or other hazardous conditions;
  • Turning too abruptly while driving too fast;
  • Tire blowouts on one side;
  • Rear impacts or side impacts pushing the trailer one way and the cabin the other way; and
  • Other similar causes.

Common Injuries Caused by Jackknife Albuquerque Trucking Accidents

There are many different types of injuries which could be occurred in a jackknife tractor trailer accident.  These types of trucking accidents are very dangerous because they can result in horrible injuries to many people on the roadway because the trailer will swing across many lanes of traffic as opposed to just one or two.  Some common types of injuries caused by jackknife tractor trailer accidents include the following:

  • Paraplegia;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Quadriplegia;
  • Whiplash;
  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Nerve injuries;
  • Broken bones or fractured bones;
  • Organ injuries;
  • Loss of eye sight;
  • Amputations;
  • Massive scarring;
  • Vein, artery, or blood vessel injuries;
  • Crushing injuries;
  • Face injuries;
  • Severe lacerations;
  • Foreign objects or debris cut into the victim’s flesh; and
  • Other serious injuries.

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