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Causes and Liability of Rollover Trucking Accidents in New Mexico

Hurt in a Rollover Big Rig Wreck?  Understanding the Causes and Liability of Rollover Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents happen quite frequently on the roadways of New Mexico. These types of accidents can be particularly catastrophic and can even result in wrongful death. One type of rollover trucking accident that is particularly catastrophic is rollover trucking accidents. Rollover trucking accidents can result in catastrophic injuries leaving injured victims permanently disabled. While rollover trucking accidents can be due to causes that are not able to be prevented, often times these accidents can be preventable. Victims that are injured in rollover trucking accidents are often eligible for compensation for their injuries.  Understanding the causes and liability of rollover trucking accidents is important to protecting your rights to compensation.

Here at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C., our experienced semi tractor trailer accident lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico know how to protect your rights after a rollover trucking wreck.  Whether you are seriously injured, disabled, or if a loved one has been wrongfully killed, learn how we can help you and your family by protecting your rights to compensation.  We know that it is difficult to pay medical bills, rent, food bills, and other expenses when you are out of work and unable to earn a living.  This is why we have dedicated our law firm to protecting the rights of people throughout New Mexico who have been harmed by the negligence of a truck driver, trucking companies, mechanic, or other entity.

Common Causes of Rollover Trucking Accidents 

There are certain factors that can contribute to a rollover trucking accident, including the following:

Improperly loaded or overloaded trailers – improperly loaded trailers can result in improper weight distribution, which can lead to tipping of the trailer. If a trailer is overloaded, it too can result in an unsafe situation such as a rollover trucking accident. There are FMCSA guideline regarding the loading of a trailer. Therefore, if a trailer is improperly loaded or overloaded, an experienced trucking accident attorney can use the FMCSA guidelines to prove liability which will help you in obtaining compensation for your injuries. 

Speeding – Speeding is very dangerous and reckless, regardless of the type of vehicle a person is driving. This is especially true in the case of semi-tractor trailers. If a truck driver is speeding at the time of a rollover trucking accident, they can be made liable for any injuries sustained as a result of the accident. 

Curves in the road – sharp curves in the road can make it difficult for truck drivers to navigate the roadways in a safe manner. This factor that can contribute to a rollover trucking accident may not always be the fault of the truck driver, trucking company, or other entity. However, if a truck driver is not exercising proper caution or is speeding while driving around a sharp curve and it results in a trucking accident, the truck driver may be liable. 

Liability in a Rollover Trucking Accident

Rollover trucking accidents can be caused by many different people and entities. It is important to speak to an experienced trucking accident attorney who has the knowledge and experience to be able to investigate your case thoroughly to determine who is liable in your case. While people may automatically assume that the truck driver is solely liable for a trucking accident. However, there are circumstances in which the trucking company or other entity may be liable for your injuries. Trucking accidents are far more complex than car accidents, which is why you should speak with an experienced trucking accident attorney today who can review your case to determine liability and help you gain the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. 

Hurt in a Rollover Crash?  Ask Our Albuquerque Big Rig Accident Lawyer for Help

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