Back Injuries in an Albuquerque Auto Accident

Albuquerque Auto Accident Causing Back Injuries

One of the most common injuries in any Motor Vehicle Accident is a back injury.  This is because your back and spine are rather vulnerable in an Albuquerque auto accident.  Any type of collision will put undue strength on your back, even with the most advanced safety equipment.  This is particularly true of 18 wheeler wrecks with large commercial vehicles such as box trucks and semi tractor trailers.  When the occupant of a motor vehicle has sustained a back injury due to the negligence of another driver, he or she may have rights to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, lost future earnings, loss of services/consortium with family, and other damages.

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Types of Back Injuries in an Albuquerque Auto Accident 

There are many different types of back injuries which could be caused by an Albuquerque auto accident.  The severity of these injuries range demanding on several factors, including the speed of the impact, direction of the impact, age of the occupant, any preexisting conditions, and many other factors.  Some of the most common types of back injuries from a motor vehicle accident in New Mexico include the following:

  • Herniated discs;
  • Paralysis;
  • Nerve pain such as sciatic nerve pain down your leg; 
  • Intense headaches from cervical back injuries;
  • Inability to sit or stand for even short periods of time;
  • Inability to hold anything, or to push or pull;
  • Slipped discs;
  • Compression fractures of the vertebrae;
  • Intense pain in the back;
  • Permanent pins and needles;
  • Loss of sensation in the extremities, usually the hands or feet;
  • Debilitating nerve injuries; and
  • Many other conditions

Back Injuries Need to be Treated Carefully

A back injury can be a tough injury to prove in court.  This is because many defense lawyers will try to prove that your back injury is really a “pre-existing” injury, or that your back injury is due to the natural aging process known as degenerative disc disease.  While it is due that degenerative disc disease is present in almost every single person, even in 20-year-olds, this disease is incredibly common and almost always asymptomatic (meaning there is not pain or limitations from it).  Thus, when there is a serious auto accident the degenerative disc disease could become irritated or exacerbated which may be part of the injuries in an Albuquerque auto accident.

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