3 Reasons NM Interstate Trucking Accidents Can be Deadly

New Mexico interstate trucking accidents can be deadly for many reasons.  Inherently, large commercial trucks have more force in collisions and therefore connect with more violence.  This is due to a truck’s sheer size and weight, which is magnified on highways and interstates like I-10, I-25, and I-40.  This is why interstate trucking accidents are commonly deadly in New Mexico, no matter what type of collision.  While there are many possible types of collisions and causes for 18 wheeler wrecks, our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers want to share 3 common reasons why New Mexico interstate trucking accidents can be so deadly.

The 3 Reasons Why Fatal NM Interstate Trucking Accidents Occur

Even with a competent truck driver in the newest, safest vehicle, there can be many reasons why fatal New Mexico interstate trucking accidents occur.  Unfortunately, many times big rig crashes do not occur with a competent or safest truck.  These accidents can be particularly devastating and deadly with smaller, passenger vehicles.  Individuals who are harmed in these types of crashes are simply more likely to be fatally injured and wrongfully killed.  

There are some common reasons why interstate trucking accidents occur.  The most common three reasons for fatal New Mexico interstate trucking accidents include the following:

Speeding – Interstates are but for speed and fast travel, but this does not mean that motorists can exceed the speed limit.  Yet many truck drivers do just that because they get paid faster if they deliver cargo faster.  This business incentive causes many truck drivers and trucking companies to cut corners.  This is why one common reason of interstate big rig wrecks are speeding truck driver.

Improper Lane Changes – Improper lane changes are a common problem in New Mexico interstate trucking accidents.  After all, interstates are just a series of lanes and lane changing is essentially the most common maneuver on an interstate.  But when trucks fail to make safe and competent lane changes, people could get seriously injured or wrongfully killed.

Blinds Spots – Large commercial trucks have massive blind spots which create a serious risk of injury for other motorists.  This means that commercial vehicles are more likely to be involved in accidents when truck drivers fail to properly monitor and negotiate their blind spots.  While on lower roads this might not be too difficult, on fast-moving interstates a blind spot is very deadly.


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