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November 2019 Archives

Common Trucking Accident Injuries: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Commercial vehicles like 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, big rigs, and other box trucks are more likely than smaller, passenger vehicles to inflict serious injury.  This is because big commercial vehicles are heavier and generate more momentum.  Thus, collisions with 18 wheelers are significantly more forceful and damaging.  This is particularly true on fast-moving highways and interstates such as I-10, I-25, and I-40, where tractor trailers generate massive amounts of momentum in impacts given the high speed they are traveling.  Our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers explain what the common trucking accident injuries are and how we can help protect your rights to compensation below.

Paraplegia From New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wreck: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Commercial vehicles are big and heavy which means they generate a lot of momentum, especially on fast moving interstates like I-10, I-40, and I-25.  This means a New Mexico 18 wheeler wreck is likely going to cause significant damage on impact.  This damage is likely to cause catastrophic injuries such as paraplegia which is a type of spinal cord injury.  With paraplegia, a victim's lower extremities are affected with sensation, movement, or other functions.  If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a New Mexico 18 wheel wreck, ask our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers for more information how we can help.

Liability and Injuries in New Mexico Rear End Trucking Accidents

Rear end collisions may be one of the most common types of auto accidents.  These types of motor vehicle accidents typically cause whiplash injuries, especially to the neck and back.  But when New Mexico rear end accidents are caused by large 18 wheelers, tractor trailers, and other box trucks, the injuries are usually significantly more devastating.  This is because of the large size and heavy weight of these commercial vehicles which create considerably more force in an impact.  Our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers explain the liability and common injuries of New Mexico rear end trucking accidents here.

Skull Fractures in New Mexico Trucking Accidents: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyers

Your skull is arguably the most important bone in your body.  Well, group of bones.  This is because your skull protects your brain.  Without your skull, your brain would be susceptible to catastrophic damage even in minor impacts.  There are eight bones that form the cranial portion of the skull which protect the brain.  These bones are strong and thick, but they are not impenetrable.  Collisions with large commercial trucks like 18 wheelers, box trucks, tankers, big rigs, and other box trucks can easily cause skull fractures.  These skull fractures can be life-threatening and lead to catastrophic injury.  Learn about these types of New Mexico trucking accidents from our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers here.

What Brain Injuries Could be Caused by an Albuquerque 18 Wheeler Wreck? NM Lawyers

Like other commercial vehicles, 18 wheelers are large and powerful.  These vehicles build significant momentum even at low speeds, which means they have extreme force upon impact.  One of the most common types of injuries due to an Albuquerque 18 wheeler wreck is a brain injury.  This is because the brain is susceptible to damage even in low speed collisions with a large box truck because of the force upon impact.  Learn the types of different brain injuries and how they could be caused by New Mexico trucking accidents from our New Mexico lawyers here.

Tire Blowout Causing Tractor Trailer Accident: Albuquerque, New Mexico Lawyers

Tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, big rigs, and other large box trucks have one thing in common--they have lots of wheels.  And these wheels are very important.  Even though there are many wheels on the cabin and the trailer, the failure of one wheel could set off a disastrous chain of events causing a tractor trailer accident.  In fact, a tire blowout is commonly the cause of many tractor trailer accidents, including some of the more recent ones in the news.  Learn more about how a tire blowout could cause a tractor trailer accident from our Albuquerque, New Mexico lawyers.

Even minor collisions can cause severe, life-changing injuries

Regardless of how much care you take as you drive in Albuquerque or on other New Mexico roads, another driver's negligence can change your life in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, collisions seem minor, and injuries are not immediately visible. However, if you do not keep a close watch on your mind and body in the days and weeks after the accident, you might not link delayed symptoms with the car accident.

Measuring Pain and Suffering Damages in Albuquerque, New Mexico Auto Accidents

Personal injury victims may wonder what compensation they are entitled to after a New Mexico auto accident.  After all, many people see large verdicts for hot coffee or other personal injuries and wonder how did a victim recover that figure--why that number. While juries can be unpredictable for sure, the reasoning behind the "hot coffee" verdict and other personal injury cases do have a formula and approach that was followed.  That formula is not necessary an algebraic formula, but there is a common theory or manner in which pain and suffering is calculated.  Our Albuquerque, New Mexico auto accident lawyers explain.

Accidents soar in the weeks following the end of DST

Many New Mexico residents enjoy having an extra hour of sleep when they set their clocks back by one hour to mark the end of daylight saving time, but many road safety experts dread the annual change. Any disruption in sleep patterns can affect the body's circadian rhythm and impair concentration during the day, which can be extremely dangerous when darkness begins to fall just as commuters are heading home.

Albuquerque, NM Truck Accident Lawyer Explains What Happens When a Fatigued Truck Driver Causes an 18 Wheeler Wreck

One of the more common ways that a New Mexico truck accident could occur is when a truck driver is fatigued.  Driving while fatigued is dangerous for any type of driver, but that is particularly true for operators of large commercial vehicles which are inherently dangerous even with the best of drivers.  Fatigued driving slows down reaction speed which increases the distance a truck would need to stop.  Fatigue is also more than just feeling sleepy or tired, but fatigue could also mean muscular fatigue in handling the wheel, shifting, and securing cargo.  If you or a loved one were seriously injured or wrongfully killed in an Albuquerque, NM trucking accident, ask our experienced lawyers what rights you might have if the truck driver was fatigued.

Cell Phone Causing New Mexico Auto Accident: Albuquerque, NM Auto Accident Lawyers Explain the Law

For many people, cell phone use has become something that controls them.  Unfortunately this includes while operating a motor vehicle, such as immediately responded to a text message, making phone calls, or even checking emails while driving.  These are all very dangerous habits that a motorist could engage in.  These dangerous habits could cause or contribute into a serious New Mexico auto accident which results in personal injuries or a wrongful death.  If you or a loved one have suffered injuries because of a cell phone causing an auto accident, please call our Albuquerque, NM auto accident lawyers to learn what rights to compensation you may have.

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