If you’re like most New Mexico motorists, you may have caught yourself traveling a mile or two over the speed limit at some point in your driving career. You hopefully tried to avoid making the same mistake again, especially because exceeding a posted limit can get you into a heap of legal trouble. Not only might a police officer pull you over, you are also at risk for collision if you speed.

The fact is that you can only control your own driving behaviors, and that poses a problem at times, especially if a nearby motorist is acting negligent or reckless behind the wheel. Many people try to get out of getting a speeding ticket during traffic stops. Sadly, if they cause a collision that results in injury, there is nothing they can do to undo what they’ve done.

Would you believe this excuse if you were a cop?

Police often report some of the outlandish excuses drivers offer when they stop them for speeding. Traffic violations are a police matter, of course; however, if a speeding driver hits you and you suffer injury, the matter concerns you as well. The following list shows some of the excuses police say people have given them during traffic stops:

  • Some drivers have said their vehicles were recalled for unexplained acceleration.
  • Misreading of road signs is another common excuse, such as a driver saying I-95 was the posted speed limit rather than an interstate sign.
  • Police have heard some crazy statements from reckless drivers, such as a man saying he was pregnant and his water broke so he was rushing to the hospital.
  • Drivers have even cited dyslexia as a cause of speeding, saying they inverted the numbers on the speed limit sign.

If you happen to be a New Mexico police officer, you might have heard one or more of these excuses during traffic stops in the past. If you’re not a cop and a speeding driver hits you, you likely aren’t interested in hearing any excuses. In fact, of greater concern to you might be who is going to pay your medical bills and other expenses related to the collision.

Support for those injured by drivers who were speeding

It’s logical to assume that the faster a car was moving when it hit you, the more forceful the sudden impact might be. The stronger the impact, the greater the chance for severe, even life-threatening injuries. In addition to rescue workers, medical teams and friends and family members, many New Mexico accident victims turn to experienced personal injury attorneys for support during recovery.