A hip replacement is a very serious and involved surgery that is due to extensive injuries to a person’s hip.  A hip replacement involves the end of the femur closest to the body (proximal) and the lower part of the pelvis (acetabulum).  Victims of a New Mexico trucking accident who sustain serious injuries may need a hip replacement in catastrophic collisions.  Learn more about hip replacements from 18 wheeler wrecks and how the experienced Albuquerque trucking accident lawyers at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. can help you today.

Anatomy of the Hip

Your hip is the body’s largest joint and one of the most complex joints.  While the shoulder may be slightly more complex, the hip bears significantly more weight and has greater importance.  The base of the hip joint is the pelvis, the widest bones in the body.  It is also one of the strongest bones.  It has to be, because it helps bear weight and distribute it.  

The hip joint is a socket and ball construction.  The part of the pelvis which technically forms the hip joint is the acetabulum.  This is the “socket” of the hip joint.  The part of the hip joint which is the ball is the femoral head.  This is the proximal end of the femur, or the end of the femur closest to the center of your body.  The “ball” part of the femur connects into the “socket” part of your acetabulum.  There is cartilage at the end of the ball and in the socket to help the two bones move smoothly.  There are numerous ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other tissue which wrap around the hip joint to keep the bones together, to move the bones, and otherwise help the hip joint function properly.

Hip Injuries from New Mexico Trucking Accidents Requiring a Hip Replacement

Most hip injuries do not damage the femur, pelvis, or the hip joint enough to cause instability and damage.  But there are some hip injuries which could. While all motor vehicle accidents could cause a severe hip injury, a New Mexico trucking accident is significantly more likely to cause catastrophic hip injuries which may result in the need for a hip replacement.  This is because trucking accidents involving semi tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, tankers, big rigs, and other box trucks generate a lot more force upon impact which can crush even the strongest of bones like the femur and the pelvis.

When victims of a New Mexico trucking accident need to undergo a hip replacement, it is likely that a victim will need extensive physical therapy and follow up treatment.  There is also the sad possiblity that a victim may need additional hip replacements, as it is generally accepted that a hip replacement is only “good” for about 15 to 20 years.  This means that younger victims may need to undergo a second hip replacement and possible even a third hip replacement if they are 40 or younger.

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