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Symptoms of Severe TBIs from a New Mexico Auto Accident: Albuquerque Auto Accidents

New Mexico Auto Accident Causing Severe TBIs Symptoms: Albuquerque Auto Accidents

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a very serious type of injury that could be due to catastrophic injuries after a New Mexico auto accident.  According to the CDC, a TBI was diagnosed in approximately 282,000 hospitalizations and 2.5 million emergency department visits.  Further, motor vehicle crashes were the third leading cause of TBIs in the last year of statistics.  Victims of serious car wrecks with severe TBIs could have significant damages and long-term, debilitating, and devastating impairments or conditions.  Our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer knows that any time a victim of a New Mexico auto accident suffers a TBI, it will be difficult on the victim and his or her entire family.


Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer Explains When Large Trucks Need to Put Up Warnings Such as Signs or Hazards

Not only can a large commercial truck like an 18 wheeler, big rig, semi tractor trailer, or other box truck cause serious injury when it is moving, but it can cause significant injury or even wrongful death when it is not moving. Indeed, when a large commercial truck is disabled on the side of a road it can be a dangerous hazard. This is particularly true on fast moving highways and interstates such as I-40, I-25, and I-10 when collisions by smaller passenger vehicles with stationary trucks could result in catastrophic wrecks. These can be some of the worst types of New Mexico trucking accidents.

Improper Lane Changes on Interstates in New Mexico: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer

Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Shares Information on Improper Lane Changes on Interstates in New Mexico

New Mexico has some very important interstates.  Not just for our State, but for the entire country.  This is because I-40 and I-25 are routes where commercial truck drivers can change from east and west to north and south.  The interstate exchange in Albuquerque is a major junction for this reason.  Coupled with the fact that I-10 is one of the busiest interstates, and also has a junction in Las Cruces with I-25, New Mexico is an important interstate state.  This is why motorists using the interstates need to be particularly careful because of all of the traffic, including traffic from out-of-state drivers.  One of the most dangerous maneuvers on an interstate is a lane change.  Improper lane changes can result in serious auto accidents, particularly on face-moving highways.


Injured After an 18 Wheeler Ran a Stop Sign: New Mexico Trucking Accident Lawyer Explains Rights

The most important part about operating a motor vehicle is following the traffic patterns, traffic laws, and traffic control signs or lights. This is especially true around intersections. And this is even more important for drivers of large commercial vehicles such are tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, big rigs, tankers, and other box trucks. One of the most important signs to comply with is a stop sign. A stop sign is important because it preserves the right-of-way in an intersection. It also prevents extremely dangerous side-impact collisions which could result in the wrongful death of a person. This is especially true with large commercial trucks, which a New Mexico trucking accident caused by running a stop sign could very likely result in the wrongful death of innocent individuals. Simply put, innocent people will get seriously hurt or killed if an 18 wheeler ran a stop sign and caused a crash.

New Mexico Auto Accident From Driving Too Fast

Speeding Causes New Mexico Auto Accident: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Explains

Even though we know that there is a speed limit on a road, many people regularly still go that speed or even above by 5-10 MPH.  But that is the speed maximum for a roadway, not the speed minimum.  Roads are only rated for a certain speed which is usually the speed limit.  The faster a motor vehicle is traveling, the longer distance that is required to stop, the more force it has, and the less reaction time a driver has.  Our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer knows that this is a dangerous recipe which could result in very serious personal injuries or wrongful death.  


Understanding Whiplash Injuries: Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer Explains Head and Neck Injuries in New Mexico 18 Wheeler Wrecks

Most people have heard of a whiplash injury. This is a common type of injury in any motor vehicle accident, including in New Mexico 18 wheeler wrecks. While more common at high speed crashes, even low speed trucking crashes involving large commercial trucks could result in devastating whiplash injuries. This is due to the size and momentum that a truck will generate even if traveling at a slow speed. But while many people have heard of whiplash injuries, most people do not know that they could result in a permanent and debilitating condition which could affect a patient for his or her entire life. But our Albuquerque trucking accident lawyer knows and wants to share some important information with you.

Types of New Mexico Auto Accidents and Common Injuries From Them

Understanding New Mexico Auto Accidents: Types of Car Crashes and Common Injuries From those Crashes

There are many possible different types of New Mexico auto accidents.  With them, different types of injuries could happen.  It is important to know the common types of injuries associated with a specific type of car crash for several reasons.  First, some injuries are not immediately apparent.  This is especially true of brain injuries, which cannot be found by looking at an x-ray.  Second, the direction of the force on your body in a certain crash could cause injuries that another type of crash would not.  This is important to understand to prove causation, meaning that the auto crash was the cause of the injury as opposed to a slip and fall or other event that the defense will try to argue.  Lastly, understanding how you were injured may also dictate how you are treated by a doctor both now and in the future.


New Mexico Trucking Accidents Resulting in Brain Injuries: Symptoms of a Brain Injury to Know

Motor vehicle crashes involving large commercial trucks like semi tractor trailers, double trailers, box trucks, 18 wheelers, and other big rigs are likely to cause significant personal injuries. One of the most severe personal injuries that could be caused in New Mexico trucking accidents could include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). This could be a concussion, diffuse axon injury, coup contre-coup injury, or similar brain injury. Although some of these injuries result in immediate injuries and symptoms, other types brain injuries do not immediately result in personal injuries. In addition, these injuries also do not necessarily manifest themselves on imaging studies like a broken bone or torn muscle. Thus, some brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose and treat. It is important to know what the symptoms of a brain injury are to protect your rights.

Types of Back Injuries from a Car Accident: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer

Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Shares Types of Back Injuries from a Car Accident

In a New Mexico auto accident, one of the most commonly hurt parts of a person’s body is his or her back.  While your spine is comprised of very strong and sturdy vertebrae, wrapped with strong muscle, tendons and other tissue, certain forces on your spinal column can easily cause injury.  Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents frequently inflict the types of forces that can permanently damage your back.  There are many possible types of back injuries that you could sustain in a car crash, most with different types of treatment ranging from rest and ice, to injections, to even a spinal fusion.  Our Albuquerque auto accident lawyer knows that these injuries could inflict horrible and debilitating pain for the victim and for the victim’s family.


Do 18 Wheelers Have Black Boxes? Learn What Information is Stored in a Big Rig from Our Albuquerque Trucking Accident Lawyer

Yes, 18 wheelers have black boxes. But not necessarily in the sense that you may be thinking like an airplane. Large commercial vehicles like semi tractor trailers, tankers, double trailers, 18 wheelers, big rigs, and other large box trucks have data recorders which check for certain information about the vehicle. The most common item is known as an electronic control module, or ECM. Some box trucks also have event data recorders or other more black box-like devices. It is important for everyone to know about a tractor trailer's ECM because information on that device may help prove a New Mexico trucking accident case if a person is ever involved in one. While this seems unlikely to happen to you, unfortunately according to NHTSA information, approximately 4,000 people will be killed and 111,000 people injured in semi tractor trailer crashes.

Vision Problems After TBIs from Auto Accidents: Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer

Albuquerque Auto Accident Lawyer Explains Vision Problems After TBIs from New Mexico Auto Accidents

Your brain is a very complex organ.  There are several different parts, or lobes, of your brain.  Each lobe governs a different part of your brain, and has a different function.  As an Albuquerque auto accident lawyer, I know that when your brain suffers a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, one or more lobes could be seriously injured or impaired.  This may affect the functioning of the brain.  One of the hyper-focused parts of your brain is the occipital lobe.  This part of your brain just governs your eyes, vision, and processing images.  It is critical and highly specialized.  This is why a TBI to your occipital lobe from a New Mexico auto accident could result in permeant and debilitating damage to your vision.


Polar Vortex Causing New Mexico Trucking Crashes Due to Snow and Ice

The news across the country is that the polar vortex had plummeted temperatures for the majority of Americans throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Here in New Mexico, temperatures did not drop to arctic levels but were still below freezing for several days in a row. This trend will continue at night with temperatures dropping at or to freezing. This is significant because if can lead to freezing and icy conditions. There will also be a freeze-thaw-cycle since the day temperatures will be above freezing, meaning there will be refreezing over night of new ice formations. This is dangerous for motorists because the refreezing could result in very slippery black ice. When icy conditions exists on any roadway, it could lead to New Mexico trucking crashes causing serious personal injuries.

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