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Types of Broken Bones in Albuquerque Motor Vehicle Accidents

Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents Cause Serious Broken Bones

One of the most common types of injuries following a motor vehicle accident is a broken bone.  It can also be one of the most painful types of injuries.  Broken bones can occur in any type of motor vehicle accident, including rear end collisions, head on crashes, and t-bone collisions.  Broken bones can also occur at any speed, even low speeds in parking lots.

If a New Mexico motor vehicle accident has caused a broken bone to you or a loved one, call the experienced Albuquerque New Mexico motor vehicle accident attorneys at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. today for a FREE consultation by dialing (505) 355-2969.  We understand that broken bones are very painful and may require a lot of medical treatment, including surgery.  We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Understanding Broken Bones in Albuquerque Motor Vehicle Accidents

The medical term for a broken bone is a fracture.  Fractures are diagnosed by a medical professional from an x-ray.  Fractures from motor vehicle accidents can occur anywhere on the broken, from the tip of your toe, pelvis and hip, spinal bones (vertebrae), to your head (jaw and skull).  There are several different types of fractures, which include the following:

  • Transverse fracture – the broken bone has a horizontal fracture line;
  • Oblique fracture – the broken bone has an angled pattern;
  • Comminuted fracture – the broken bone matters into three or more pieces;
  • Open fracture or compound fracture – the broken bone pierces through the skin or the force of the broken bone causes an open wound;
  • Stress fracture – the broken bone has a hairline crack in it;
  • Greenstick fracture – this broken bone occurs when there’s a crack on one side of a bone that doesn’t go all the way through it;
  • Complete fracture – this type of fracture is when a bone is completely broken; and
  • Stable fracture – this type of fracture is where the end of the broken bone are lined up and barely out of place.

Some of these types of broken bones will require what is known as a “reduction.”  A reduction is simply when the medical professional realigns the broken bone.  This can be done as a closed reduction, just manipulated the broken bone without the necessity of surgery.  Or this can be done as an open reduction, which required surgical intervention.  In the case of an open reduction, there is usually painful hardware added to keep the bones in place.

Understanding Spinal Fractures Caused by Albuquerque Motor Vehicle Accidents

Spinal fractures are very dangerous and painful injuries to sustain, but are very common in motor vehicle accidents.  This is particularly true of tractor trailer or large commercial trucking accidents, where the shear mass and speed of these massive vehicles can cause catastrophic damage to whatever they collide with.

The spine is made up of a column of bones called vertebrae; this column of bones is known a the vertebral column.  Each individual vertebra sit on top of each other and from from the pelvis to the base of the school.  The spinal cord is in the middle of the vertebral column, and the vertebrae protect the spinal cord from damage.

These vertebrae are very strong and can withstand significant force.  However, they can still be injured in a motor vehicle accident and fractured like any other type of bone.  There are several different types of spinal fractures, and the more common and basic types include the following:

  • Compression fracture – when the individual vertebra is broken and loses height, commonly forming a “wedge” shape when the front of the vertebra fractures but the back of the vertebra does not;
  • Burst fracture – when the individual vertebra is crushed by extreme force, common in motor vehicle accidents;
  • Flexion-distraction fractures – when several vertebrae fracture due to the spinal flexing forward due to a sudden force, such as a motor vehicle accident; and
  • Fracture-dislocation – anytime when a vertebra (or vertebrae) move significantly after being fractured.

Many times with spinal fractures there will need to be multiple x-rays and MRIs performed to check on the safety of the spinal cord.  This is because spinal cord injuries usually occur when a vertebra (or vertebrae) are fractured or otherwise damaged.  As a result, extensive surgery is often required to repair the damage done.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident and suffered broken bones, call the experienced Albuquerque motor vehicle accident attorneys at the Caruso Law Offices, P.C. today by dialing (505) 355-2969  You can also contact us on our website through the easy to use and convenient Contact box located by clicking here.

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