1 dead, 2 injured in Rio Rancho collision

For as common as car accidents in Albequerque may seem, most believe themselves to be able to avoid them by following safe driving practices. That may be true, but only to a certain extent. Unfortunately, people cannot plan for the actions of others. Oftentimes, the reckless or careless decisions of drivers on the road put the others around them at risk. Then there may be cases where a simple mistake by one person behind causes catastrophic consequences for others. Whatever goes into causing a car accident, the victims of such an event are often left facing financial challenges that they alone may not be able to overcome. 

Accident victims may not always be in a hurry to seek action against those who caused their incidents. In some cases, they might even share relationships with the responsible parties. A recent car accident that occurred in Rio Rancho. An SUV traveling along the road suddenly veered into oncoming traffic, eventually striking a vehicle head-on being driven by a state police coming from the opposite direction. Investigators are still attempting to determine what happened to cause the driver of the SUV to lose control. He was airlifted to a local hospital, while the officer also required treatment for his injuries (he was reported to be in stable condition). Sadly, the passenger in the SUV was killed. 

In this case (and others like it) it may be reasonable to assume that the passengers injured in car crashes know the drivers who are transporting them. Yet despite their relationships, the circumstances of their accidents may leave them with little choice but to seek compensation through legal action. Those needing to initiate such action may want to seek out the services of an experienced attorney.