Personal Injury Lawyer Albuquerque, New Mexico

Caruso Law Offices, pc only represents clients with personal injury and wrongful death claims.

We help New Mexicans who have suffered from an injury or death as a result of the fault of another person in Albuquerque and statewide New Mexico. We don't handle other types of cases. This permits our law firm to focus on just one area of the law-personal injury and wrongful death. It's all we do, and we are good at what we do.

We believe that personal injuries are not just physical cuts and bruises, strains, broken bones, neck and back injuries. Personal injury also includes PTSD, pain and suffering, emotional and psychological suffering, which always accompany an accident.

We believe that those who has been genuinely injured as a result of an accident are under a lot of stress trying to recover from their injuries and worry about how the accident is going to affect their family life, their jobs and, ultimately, their bank balance. Personal injuries can be very expensive. In addition is the stress from the insurance claim adjuster who may be trying to push for a quick settlement for a few dollars.

We handle personal injuries from the following kinds of accidents:

Do I have a personal injury case?

Here is what makes a legitimate and successful personal injury case:

  • First, we must prove that the third party was definitely at fault, i.e. proving that they behaved negligently
  • Second, we must prove that there was a link between the actions of the third party and your injuries i.e. their negligence actually caused you harm
  • Third, we must determine the past, present and future injuries and damages which have resulted from your accident and injuries. These expenses not only include what are called "economic damages" - the loss of income, medical expenses and so on- but also "non-economic" damages, which are things like the pain and suffering which you have experienced.

What if I don't have medical insurance to help with the medical bills?

We can refer you to doctors and other health care providers who will accept a letter of protection or lien on your case. This permits you to see the health care provider without paying any deductibles, co-pays or monthly billings. The health care provider is paid from the settlement or judgment. We work with some of the finest and most credible health care providers in the state. These include medical doctors, orthopedists, neurologists, pain specialists, dentists, psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, medical massage therapists, pharmacies and others. There is no reason why you cannot get medical care after your accident if Caruso Law Offices, PC is representing you.

Who can I trust with the expertise to help me with my personal injury cases?

You can trust Caruso Law Offices, PC to help you! Because of my long experience as an Albuquerque personal injury attorney - in California and New Mexico - I have built an excellent relationship with a number of experts who can be called upon to offer their expertise on each potential claim. These include doctors and surgeons, engineers and highway and crash reconstructionists.

Any personal injury claim must reflect the full cost of recovery and for some injuries this can mean million dollar claims. Anybody who has had a serious spine or brain injury as a result of a car or motorcycle accident is going to be seriously handicapped for a very long time. In some cases some of these serious injuries can mean a lifetime of care and support. We work with the top economists in the state to help determine future care plans for these major injuries.

This is why choosing the right attorney to represent you is so important. At the Caruso Law Offices, PC we concentrate on relatively few accident types. I have developed an excellent success rate for those clients I represent. You should be very careful in the attorney or law firm you ask to represent you on you personal injury and wrongful death claim. The law of personal injury and wrongful death is both complicated and detailed. We know the law, and we don't make mistakes.

Should I trust the insurance claims adjuster?

No, you should not trust the insurance company adjuster! I worked as an attorney for insurance companies for several years before I began representing victims against these same insurance companies. I know their strategies, because I used them on my own cases when I worked for them. Now I use these same strategies plus my own new strategies against them to get my clients the most money possible. I know how these insurance adjusters think, and I am one step ahead of them. These insurance companies are not interested in your injuries or what their own client did or didn't do. All they are interested in doing is trying to wriggle out of paying a cent. It's all about saving money for their shareholders and the possibility of getting a bonus at the end of the year. If they have to pay, they will try to pay as little as possible.

If fault and liability is an open and shut case, then this adjuster may even try to contact you immediately after the accident as possible and offer a ridiculously low offer just to persuade you not to make a claim.

They will also want to take your statement just a few days after the accident and get you to limit the injuries you believe are from the accident. Oftentimes, you don't even know all of your injuries until you see a specialist. They then use this recording against you later on.

You should avoid any contact with the insurance company. If I work on your case, I will deal with them. This is your best guarantee that you will eventually get to keep what you truly deserve to compensate you for all the injuries from your accident.

At the Caruso Law Offices, PC I offer a free consultation. Just call us at 505-355-2969. We will discuss your case in detail and present all options to you. You have nothing to lose, because you will get a free consultation from me and you don't even need to hire me to be your attorney. We offer a contingency fee which means that you only pay us if we win. You don't owe us any attorney fee if we don't get you any money.

Call us now for a free consultation with an attorney, not a legal assistant.

If you take the time to call us, you deserve to speak with an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer, not a legal assistant. You will talk with an attorney, not just a legal assistant, at Caruso Law Offices, PC at both your free telephone consultation and your free office consultation.

If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury or wrongful death because of the fault of another, then please contact me at the Caruso Law Offices, PC in Albuquerque at 505-355-2969 for a free and confidential interview.

We have two offices in Albuquerque-the Northeast Heights and the Westside. We also offer statewide representation and handle cases for clients throughout the state of New Mexico.